Vaginal Mesh

Vaginal Mesh Repair

Vaginal Mesh Repair

Vaginal Mesh Repair

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system of tissues (muscles, ligaments, and skin) surrounding the vagina work together to support pelvic organs, tissues, and other structures. This is defined as the fascia, or the skin and muscles of the vaginal walls. In some instances, portions of the system may stretch or loosen over time, which leads to a condition called vaginal prolapse (slipping from its normal position), which causes pressure on other organs. Vaginal prolapse is most commonly brought on by childbirth or age, and the condition may be treated with a vaginal repair surgery.

The surgery may be a natural one if the tissues are healthy enough to provide a long-term cure; if not, the use of mesh or another synthetic material may be used, commonly referred to as vaginal mesh repair. The operation replaces the natural tissues with mesh in order to recreate the strength needed to support other organs. Unfortunately, the vaginal mesh repair operation has been linked to complications that adversely affect patients.

Vaginal Mesh Erosion

One type of serious complication, vaginal mesh erosion, occurs in 2 to 3% of patients, and requires removal of part or the entire vaginal mesh repair material.

Vaginal mesh erosion may cause the following:

  • Infection
  • Severe pain
  • Perforation of the bladder, bowel or blood vessels.
  • Reoccurrence of the same condition

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have reported that over 1,000 women have been adversely affected by vaginal mesh repair operations. As a result, the FDA warned physicians and consumers of the complications that may occur due to vaginal mesh erosion.

Contact a Vaginal Mesh Lawyer Regarding a Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit

Through vaginal mesh lawsuits, attorneys have found that some vaginal mesh repair surgeries may lead to adverse side effects caused by some defective models including Bard Avaulta Biosynthetic and Avaulta

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Plus Biosynthetic Support Systems, among others.

If you or someone you know has been adversely affected by a vaginal mesh repair surgery, you may have a legal claim allowing you to seek compensation for your injuries and losses through a vaginal mesh lawsuit. To find out if you qualify to seek damages, you should consult with an experienced vaginal mesh lawyer at Chaffin Luhana LLP. Call our toll free number today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation: 1-888-480-1123.